Persona sosteniendo un teléfono móvil con la SmartApp de Lubratec iniciada en el establo para controlar el clima del establo.
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Lubratec® SmartApp

Quick access to all data

The Lubratec SmartApp is the heart of your smart system: Here you get a quick overview of the climate in your barns at any time.
You also have the option of receiving individual recommendations for action to optimise the climate in your barns.

But the Lubratec SmartApp goes one step further: On request, it gives you intelligent recommendations for action to improve the barn climate in order to increase animal welfare.
This relieves you because you can concentrate on other tasks.

Visualisation of animal welfare

Control products via app

Persona sosteniendo una tableta con la aplicación Lubratec SmartApp, en la que se puede ver un cuadro de mandos claro sobre el clima del establo.

Your barn climate at a glance 

Clear display of the measured values

The browser-based Lubratec SmartApp provides you with all measured values in one central location. With just a few clicks you get a complete overview of your barn climate. The coloured traffic light system for all measured values enables you to check them quickly: you can see immediately how well the barn climate is adapted to your animals. Deviations from recommended or individually set measured values are also displayed directly.

Tabla con los niveles de rendimiento de Lubratec Smart: Visual, Asesoramiento, Conectar

The Lubratec Smart performance levels

One app, many possibilities 

By choosing between 3 performance levels, you simply decide for yourself which package is optimal for you. Lubratec Smart Visual, Advice or Connect - offers you support in everyday life and you choose the optimum range of functions for your individual needs. We would be happy to advise you personally on the different licences so that you can achieve more animal welfare and an optimal barn climate on your farm.

Automated barn climate 

Increase efficiency and animal welfare

Targeted improvement of your barn climate

Intuitive operation and control 

The Lubratec SmartApp offers you an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly switch between different menus. For example, you can select all SmartBoxes individually or control integrated ventilation and lighting products via app. Various displays of the measured values, e.g. as a curve diagram, are possible to better track developments.

With the integrated animal welfare documentation, you have the possibility to document events such as hoof care, extreme heat, rainfall, storm or a feed change. In this way, you can better understand interrelationships and react specifically to negative effects.

Barn climate check

The first step towards a smart barn climate

During a joint inspection of your stable with a HUESKER stable climate consultant and careful measurement
of the climate situation in your stable, initial findings are obtained and you receive valuable information.

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