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HUESKER Synthetic GmbH
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Reliable design to meet any challenge

The design of reliable embankment foundations on weak soils pose a major challenge. In addition to large-scale settlement and lateral deformation, potential risks include bearing and slope failure, or even the squeezing-out of soil from beneath the embankment base.

The Ringtrac foundation system takes the form of a regular arrangement of columns comprising non-cohesive material placed inside a geosynthetic casing. The columns ensure that the structural loads are transmitted through the weak subsoil to a stratum with adequate bearing capacity.

RingtracS is a design software application purpose-developed by HUESKER's engineers. It ensures the reliable project-specific design of Ringtrac system solutions with due allowance for all relevant parameters.

Integral computation

  • Allowance for load distribution
  • Allowance for multi-layer subsoil profiles
  • Automatic settlement compensation
  • Parallel calculations for varying cross-sections and system parameters
  • Determination of equivalent cohesion for calculating global structural stability
  • Parametric studies and graphic representations for settlement, circumferential tensile force distribution etc.
  • Customer report (PDF, Word)

Please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to assisting you with your design.

Contact person:
Dr. Oliver Detert
E-Mail: detert(at)huesker.de