Lubratec LED luz estable visto desde el exterior, fuertemente iluminado desde el interior
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HUESKER Synthetic GmbH
Fabrikstraße 13-15
48712 Gescher

Lubratec® Lighting

Natural and active lighting

Light is essential for humans and animals. Natural daylight and active lighting have a positive effect on the hormone production, activity and metabolism of your animals. Provide your animals with a high daylight yield even in the barn and control the active times with additional, energy-saving LED lighting from Lubratec.

Cumbrera ligera para un mejor clima en los establos lecheros

Natural Lighting - Lubratec Light Ridge

Light ridge with high light output and ventilation function

The Lubratec light ridge is also a ventilation ridge. Thanks to its possible dimensions, it enables a particularly high daylight yield in the building and excellent air extraction compared to conventional construction methods. This means there is no greenhouse effect and the building is evenly illuminated.

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Establo iluminado con luz Lubratec®, favorece la producción de vitamina D y aumenta la vitalidad de sus animales

Active Lighting - Lubratec LED

Powerful and efficient lighting

The Lubratec LED lights, with their optimized light spectrum and high light output per watt, promote vitamin D production in your animals. The melatonin release of your animals is inhibited and their vitality is increased. The Lubratec LED lighting system is particularly economical due to the high energy savings.

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