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Covertec Flexible Storage Tanks

Relocatable storage tanks for all liquid types.

The high-grade, relocatable Covertec flexible tank can hold virtually any type of liquid and offers both a short-term and permanent solution to your storage problems. The containers are simply placed on the ground and require no extra lateral support.

The appropriate membrane type is determined with reference to the technical specification for the liquid. On the basis of structural design calculations performed using 3D CAD computer systems, our development staff will identify the best solution for your particular application.


Covertec flexible tanks are frequently used for:

  • Drinking water storage

  • Rainwater retention

  • Process water storage

  • Waste water storage

  • Firefighting water storage

  • Firefighting water retention

  • Sewage sludge, landfill leachate and digestate storage

  • Agricultural and vinicultural liquid waste (e.g. manure) storage

  • Process fluids/hydrocarbon storage

  • Interim storage

  • Further solutions can be developed to meet customers' specifications

Why choose Covertec flexible storage tanks?

Covertec flexible storage tanks are made from high-tech, high-tear-strength membranes and are suitable for homogeneous, solids-free liquids. They allow rapid provision of temporary or permanent storage capacity of up to 35,315 ft³ (1,000 m3) per tank. While the tanks are fitted with 2.5" or 6" connections as standard, project-specific solutions are also possible.

Other notable features of our storage tanks include their resistance to UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. This, combined with the fast and straightforward filling/emptying operation, make the Covertec flexible storage tank a flexible, long-lasting and cost-effective product.