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Lubratec® LED

Optimized light spectrum as performance enhancer

Our modern Lubratec LED lights provide optimal lighting. The LED lights consist of powder-coated cast aluminium housings with cooling fins. The interior is protected by a robust flat glass, which is securely screwed all around. The suspensions of the stable lights are made of stainless steel and thus ensure a durable and secure fastening. The high-quality switching technology allows automatic and manual switching on even when dimmed.

The automatic switching on of the stable lighting can be done depending on time and daylight. The light spectrum has been specially optimised for the needs of animal husbandry.
Provide your animals with optimum stable lighting with high energy efficiency right from the start or retrofit your stable with modern LED lights.

Improved day-night rhythm

Powerful and efficient lighting

Product variants

Solutions for almost every challenge
Lubratec LED Single como iluminación estable potente y eficiente
Lubratec LED Doble como iluminación estable potente y eficiente
Lubratec LED Triple como iluminación estable potente y eficiente

Lubratec LED

Product benefits

  • Optimized light spectrum for animals
  • Highest light output per watt
  • Up to 60 % energy savings
  • Long service life due to high-quality materials
  • Promotion of vitamin D production
  • Water and moisture resistant
 LED SingleLED DoubleLED Triple
Colour temperature (full spectrum)5.000 K
Luminous efficacy in lumen per watt> 135 lm/W
Type LED chipHigh-power ceramic
Wattage (max.)105 W210 W315 W
Material support frameStainless steel
Material housing with heatsinkHigh quality aluminium
Expected service life> 15 years
IP ratingIP67
Acid resistance+(good)
Dimensions (L x B x H)540 x 95 x 220 mm510 x 310 x 220 mm530 x 410 x 220 mm
Weightca. 7 kgca. 12 kgca. 17 kg


Horse Management

Benefits of active lighting

  • More active and healthier horses
  • Possibility for better visual contact
  • Better fertility
  • Thinner winter coat
  • Uniform and reflection-free illumination

Cattle shed

Benefits of active lighting



  • Improvement of the metabolism
  • promotion of oestrus and fertility
  • Inhibition of melatonin release
  • longer active periods
  • Promotion of vitamin A and vitamin D3 production