Soportes para cargas pesadas de 800 t y más
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HUESKER Synthetic GmbH
Fabrikstraße 13-15
48712 Gescher

Fortrac® Heavy Load

Heavy-Duty support pad made from geosynthetic-reinforced fill materials

Fortrac Heavy Load is a system for storage of extra-heavy units, e.g. monopiles for offshore wind turbines, pipelines or ship components. The system, consisting of Fortrac geogrids, special woven and filling material, provides a uniform seating with high resistance to settlement. Due to the large base and bearing area, additional support by wooden blocking or cribbing is unnecessary.


  • Load capacities of 800 t and higher

  • Robust, ductile, structurally type-tested system

  • Straightforward delivery in kit form for on–site assembly

  • Low weight due to use of lightweight materials as filling materials

  • Loads efficiently transmitted to ground

  • High load capacity with minimal settlement (<1.5 % up to 800 t)

Why choose Fortrac Heavy Load?

Fortrac Heavy Load provides a flexible alternative to steel or concrete support systems. Due to the project related adaption of diameter and height, the system is suitable for different loads. The use of local soils or slags as filling material, offer the possibility of recycling as well as easy dismantling. Optionally, drainage units for hydraulic filling or a cover for protection against rain can also be added during construction.

Fortrac is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.