Lubratec Smart Mobile App y SmartBox para monitorizar y controlar el clima del establo para un mayor bienestar animal en la agricultura
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Lubratec® Smart

Simply healthy barn climate

The topic of animal welfare in agriculture is becoming more important again, while the workload for the farmer should be constantly reduced. Lubratec Smart intelligently brings these two aspects together. The barn climate system uses climate data specifically for animal-friendly livestock management and the optimisation of farm processes. Resource-saving farm management and healthy animals are the basis for your successful agricultural business.

Thanks to the smart measuring system and intelligent networking, you can be sure of an ideal barn climate at all times. With Lubratec Smart, we make an important contribution: innovative, smart and with a full focus on animal welfare.

Start into a new era of barn management – with Lubratec Smart!

Casa con viento y un teléfono móvil que muestra un gráfico ascendenteAnimación del climatizador automático

barn climate

Cabeza de vaca con corazónAnimación para visualizar el bienestar animal

of animal welfare

Gráfico de barras ascendentes con un relojAnimación para aumentar la eficacia


Corazón con techoAnimación para un bienestar animal óptimo

animal welfare

The smart stable climate system

More animal welfare through intelligent solutions

Tecnología de climatización de graneros en red: interacción inteligente entre ventilación e iluminación

Networked barn climate conditioning technology

Ideal barn climate through clever interaction

With Lubratec Smart, you can implement modern barn climate control technology through the intelligent networking of Lubratec ventilation and
lighting products.
Your benefit: You can control and regulate all products centrally. In the Lubratec SmartApp, you always have a complete overview of your products and the respective settings. The barn climate
measurements are transmitted via long-range radio technology. In this way, all data is sent energyefficiently
and smoothly over longer distances.

Control del clima estable: mediciones y consejos para un clima estable sano

The barn climate check

Your way to Lubratec Smart

With us you can easily find the right solution for your barn climate requirements. The first step is a barn climate check by a HUESKER barn climate consultant. During a joint barn inspection and accurate measurement of the climate situation in your barn, initial information is obtained.


Book barn climate check

Automated barn climate
Increase efficiency and animal welfare
The components at a glance
Complete solution consisting of hardware and software 
Lubratec SmartBox - Registro fiable de todos los parámetros climáticos del establo

Lubratec SmartBox

Reliable recording of all parameters

The Lubratec SmartBox is a core component of the networked barn climate system. The compact and extremely powerful box permanently measures important climate data in relevant barn areas and sends it to the Lubratec SmartApp.



Lubratec SmartApp - Representación visual y optimización del clima del establo

Lubratec SmartApp

Overview of the barn climate

Lubratec SmartApp is the second core component in the stable climate system. The easy-to-use app processes all data collected by the SmartBox and visualises the barn climate. This gives you a quick overview of the climate in your barns. You also have the option of receiving individual recommendations for action to optimise the barn climate.



Lubratec SmartPad - Vista general y gestión rápidas de los productos del sistema de climatización estable

Lubratec SmartPad

Central control unit of all products

The Lubratec SmartPad is the central control unit for the entire system. From the pad you can manage all ventilation and lighting products integrated into the barn climate system. Get a quick overview of your products and their settings.