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Retaining wall with a wide variety of basket facing solutions

Fortrac Gabion is a system consisting of a reinforced earth body and a facing of steel grid elements (so-called stone baskets or dump baskets). The earth body is reinforced by laying Fortrac geogrids and earth in layers. The facing is made of corrosion-protected steel grid elements. It is then individually filled with natural stones. Depending on the challenge, the backfilled steel grid components can actively contribute to the overall statics, e.g. as a heavyweight wall or bridge abutment or passively be attached or suspended from the reinforced earth body with an optical and protective function. With our system solutions you can realise inclinations up to 90° and very high retaining walls. The fast earth body construction as well as prefabricated, easy to fill and possibly prefilled gabion elements lead to very economical construction processes. With regard to noise protection, it has been proven that a corresponding system configuration can achieve the highly absorptive noise protection category A 3 according to German standards.

System benefits

  • Wide ranging design options

  • Resistant to differential settlement

  • Rapid installation and easy repair

  • Low maintenance, with minimum costs for care and general upkeep

  • Fire, vandal and UV-resistant

  • Can be designed to meet German noise control category A 3

Our system models

Tie rod system
  • Double-skin retaining structure with corrosion protected steel
  • Particularly suitable for settlement-prone subsoils
  • Staggered erection of earthworks and facing possible
  • Repair of individual facing sections possible (e.g. after impact)
Sistema de tirantes - Acero protegido contra la corrosión - Gavión Huesker Fortrac
Half gabion facing
  • System with structural facing units
  • Steel mesh with spacers and buckles
  • Custom-fabricated to fit slope inclinations
Medio gaviones Revestimiento - Malla de acero con separadores - Soluciones Huesker
Full gabion facing
  • Structural and non-structural facing units possible
  • Gabions can be factory-assembled and prefilled
  • Very short construction times in case of pre-assembled delivery to site
  • Easily replaceable facings (e.g. after impact)
Gaviones completos Revestimiento - Elementos frontales premontados - Gaviones Huesker

Component kit

Everything for your Gabion system model

  • Interaction flexible Fortrac geogrid
  • Erosion and wash-out protection
  • Tie rod system components (corrosion protected)
  • Half and full gabion units (corrosion protected)
  • Compression and frost-resistant stone filling
  • Sound-absorbing mat (for noise control)
Fortrac Geogrid - Componente compuesto de geomalla flexible - Huesker Solutions
Componentes del sistema de barras de anclaje - Componentes protegidos contra la corrosión - Gaviones Huesker
Primer plano de Basetrac Nonwoven - Huesker Geotextiles
Elementos de medio gavión y gavión completo - Gaviones protegidos contra la corrosión - Soluciones Huesker
Relleno de piedra a prueba de heladas y estable a la presión - Componentes para gaviones - Huesker Products
Estera insonorizante - Componentes de aislamiento acústico - Gaviones Huesker

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