Dos ventiladores axiales Lubratec empotrados en un establo
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Lubratec Smart compatible!
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Lubratec® Axial Fans

Large fans for energy-efficient cooling

Our Lubratec axial fans are special barn fans with a very high air circulation capacity and low energy consumption. They draw in fresh air from outside and carry it deep into the barn. In this way, the recirculation fans provide higher air velocity to your animals and the barn is pleasantly cooled and heat stress is avoided. The optimised flow ring increases the throw.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a model with direct drive or belt drive. The control system is integrated directly into the motor. The plastic blades used ensure particularly quiet operation.

The Lubratec Axial Fans  can be integrated into the Lubratec Smart System.

Particularly quiet due to plastic blades

Higher air velocity at the animal

Lubratec Axial Fans

Product benefits

  • Fresh air is drawn in from outside and carried deep into the barn
  • Higher air velocity at the animal
  • Energy-efficient cooling of the animals
  • Installation also possible with low ceiling height
  • Optimised flow ring for increased throw
  • Control system already integrated in the motor
  • Particularly quiet due to plastic blades
  • No braking grilles


Direct Drive

Belt Drive

DriveDirect, 0-10 V adjustableWedge bands, 0-10 V adjustable
Power48.930 m³/h
Voltage3-phase, 380/400 V, 50 Hz, 1,29 A1-phase, 230 V, 50 Hz, 2,7 A
Dimensions146 x 35 x 146 cm
Weight46 kg52 kg


Further information

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