Lubratec - Protección contra los elementos: Soluciones de protección contra la intemperie y el viento

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Animal friendly farming is a challenge –
Lubratec is the solution

The Lubratec brand offers you first-class solutions for the animal-friendly keeping of farm and breeding animals. With our Lubratec products from the areas of weather and wind protection, doors and fronts, light ridges, tube ventilation, large ventilators, stable lighting, mobile barns and pasture shelters you promote the well-being and health of your animals and support species-specific behaviour. Aerogenic infections hardly have a chance.
The durable, robust and high quality solutions are ideal for new construction and retrofitting of cow barns (cattle sheds, dairy barns, calf sheds, bull sheds, etc.), pig sheds, poultry sheds, horse sheds and riding halls as well as for outdoor facilities and machine and storage halls. Our concepts are designed for economical and effective farm management.

Fomento del bienestar animal a través de LubratecLubratec apoya una ganadería respetuosa con los animales - Animación

Promotion of animal
friendly livestock farming

Mejorar la salud animal con LubratecIcono animado de sanidad animal

of animal health

Crear un clima saludable en el establo con LubratecLubratec crea un clima saludable en el establo - Animación

Creation of healthy
environmental conditions in barns

Apoyo del comportamiento propio de la especie por parte de LubratecLubratec favorece el comportamiento específico de cada especie - Animación

of natural behaviour

Simplificación de la gestión de patios con LubratecLubratec simplifica la gestión de patios - Animación

of farm management

Soluciones modernas de estabulación para vacas lecheras y ganado vacuno sano

Dairy and cattle farming

Modern cow sheds for healthy dairy cows, cattle, calves and bulls

On a modern dairy and cattle farm, barn ventilation and barn lighting are essential for animal welfare and animal health. Learn how Lubratec solutions in the areas of active and natural ventilation and lighting have a proven positive influence on animal health.

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Soluciones innovadoras de Lubratec para la ganadería porcina moderna

Pig farming

Light and airy pigsties for healthy sows, piglets and fattening pigs

In modern pig farming, different demands meet each other. With Lubratec products you have a positive influence on factors of well-being such as stable ventilation, stable lighting and stable management and thus contribute to an improvement of biological mechanisms in your animals.

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Naves avícolas vanguardistas con soluciones Lubratec para gallinas y gallos sanos

Poultry farming

Trendsetting poultry houses and outdoor enclosures for healthy chickens and cocks

Sufficient ventilation and lighting in the poultry house have a positive influence on the health of your animals. Create not only a healthy barn climate, but also learn how Lubratec supports the species-specific behaviour in the outdoor run.

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Sistemas de ventilación Lubratec para establos de caballos

Horse management

Professional solutions for horse stables, riding halls, lunging halls and paddocks

In the field of horse husbandry we offer you solutions for animal-friendly horse husbandry and at the same time efficient farm management. Here you will find suitable solutions for the ventilation, lighting and management of your riding stable, riding hall, lunging hall or your riding arena and paddock.

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Soluciones de sistemas Lubratec para biogás y purines

Biogas & manure

System solutions for biogas and manure

We offer you solutions in the field of manure and liquid storage that comply with all legal requirements regarding odour and emission pollution. In addition, the segment includes options for the storage of water used for leachate, sewage sludge, fire-fighting, rain and process water.

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Silo protection

System solutions for safe storage

The covering of silage and the subsequent removal of forage are labour-intensive operations. The correct design and the type of covering are decisive for the later quality of the forage. Therefore, an efficient and airtight closure of your silage is important. With Agritec® Silage Safe HUESKER offers a unique system for tying off your silage.

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Livestock environments for
greater animal welfare

Lubratec - Complete solutions

With Lubratec you improve ventilation, lighting and simplify the management of your farm.
By using our ventilation products you actively contribute to animal health by removing harmful gases and dust and avoiding heat stress. With our doors and fronts you can make your farm management more efficient and make it easier to manage the buildings and reduce energy consumption. Products from the lighting range increase the vitality, activity and feed intake of your animals.


The “know how” behind the Lubratec systems

Building on its 150 year plus corporate history, HUESKER  boasts a long and successful track record of innovation in the agricultural sector. We offer wide-ranging solutions in the fields of animal welfare, agricultural technology, biogas, liquid manure and silage protection. Described below are our key service offerings that are designed to simplify your work. Please feel free to talk to us about your needs and let our experts assist you with your requirements.

We will assist you in developing a
feel-good package for your
animals and yourself.