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Covertec Weatherproof Silo Cover

Silo cover meeting German pollution regulations

By specifying the Covertec silo cover for your new-build or retrofit projects, you can rest assured that your manure container will meet the stringent requirements of the BImSchV (German Pollution Control Ordinance). A number of German federal states have underlined their commitment to improved air quality by enacting new laws on the filtration of air from agricultural facilities and tightening the requirements for outdoor manure storage tanks.

Covertec silo covers can be installed with diameters of up to 50 m to provide odour-tight performance. They are also suitable for use as weatherproof covers for silos as well as many other types of storage container.

Ratchet/belt assemblies fixed to the outside of the silo wall allow tensioning via a curved outer tube, which is threaded through a perimeter seam in the cover. 


  • High-tech membranes with minimum weight of 900 g/m2

  • Odour-tight construction

  • Diameters up to 50 m

  • Central column in hardwood or stainless steel (optional)

  • Tensioned by stainless-steel ratchets/high-tensile belts

  • Suitable for all steel and concrete silos on the market

  • Incl. two 0.9 x 1.3m access openings as standard

Why choose Covertec silo covers?

Covertec silo covers prevent water infiltration, thereby maintaining full storage capacity. They also excel by their high tear strength and UV stability. The low gas permeability reduces gas and ammonia emissions by over 95%. At the same time, the nitrogen content of the manure is retained.

We should be glad to perform a project- and site-specific structural calculation on your behalf. On request, we will also carry out the full installation (incl. provision of work platforms and cranes).