Incomat Pipeline Cover, sistema de protección de tuberías
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HUESKER Synthetic GmbH
Fabrikstraße 13-15
48712 Gescher

Incomat® Pipeline Cover

Efficient, quick-to-install system to protect pipelines against buoyancy, uplift and external actions.

Incomat Pipeline Cover (IPC) can be used wherever pipelines require protection against mechanical impacts or buoyancy uplift. The IPC system sets itself apart from concrete encasements installed with conventional formwork systems through its fast, efficient application. Factory prefabrication of the geotextile formwork eliminates the need for any elaborate shuttering on site. The fact that the tailored units allow rapid assembly and optimise the concreting operation also helps to speed up the progress of the works. Furthermore, pipeline bends and varying pipe diameters can be readily accommodated by means of suitable planning and custom-manufacture.


  • Protects pipelines against buoyancy, uplift and external impacts

  • No on-site formwork erection required

  • High-precision factory prefabrication

  • Trouble-free installation at pipeline bends

  • Rapid filling

  • Up to 5 m long concreting sections

  • Tested to German guideline for hygienic assessment of elastomers in contact with drinking water (Elastomer Guideline). Classed as harmless under M Geok E 2016 (Guidance Paper on the Use of Geosynthetics in Earthworks for Roadbuilding Projects) and BBodSchV (German Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance)

Incomat is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

Simple installation process

Step 1

Fixing to pipe section

Step 2

Zipping-up of cover

Step 3

Concreting via filler neck


Versatile application possibilities

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